HALLOUPDATE.COM – A total of more than 50 online media or news portals are part of the Fokus Siber Media Network (FSMN) media network.

FSMN is an online media network consisting of various segments, starting from National Media, Exhibition Media, Entertainment Media, to Regional Press.

FSMN was founded in 2015 by Budi Purnomo Karjodihardjo, a journalist and mediapreneur.

FSMN provides fast publication services, meaning that within 3 hours (even faster) the editors can publish your content right away.

So it is very effective for Content Placement or Press Release publications that prioritize speed of publication.

For example, for the needs of publication of Announcements, Clarifications, Right of Reply or to answer and counter Hoax News.

FSMN also provides publication services for reputation management purposes which usually require a higher frequency or intensity of reporting.

For example, the publication of press releases every day, or even more frequently, or other forms of publication that can be discussed together.

Call the WA Center 0855-777788 or 08531-5557788 to work together for Content Placement and Press Release Publication on a network of news sites
Focus Cyber ​​Media Network (FSMN).

Focus Siber Media Network (FSMN) only charges IDR 500,000 per article/media (for a standard Press Release).

Below is a list of online media managed by FSMN, based on updated data, as follows:

I. Indonesia Media Network (IMN)

Indonesia Media Network (IMN) is a national media network, consisting of:

1. Fokussiber.com
2. Hello.id
3. Arahnews.com
4. Halloupdate.com
5. Apakabarnews.com

6. Terkinipost.com
7. Infoekspres.com
8. Teksnews.com
9.  Haiupdate.com
10. Jazirahnews.com

11. Lingkarnews.com
12. Poinnews.com
13. Kilasnews.com
14. Topikpost.com
15. Hallopresiden.com

16. Harianindonesia.com
17. Pusatsiaranpers.com
18. Serambiislam.com
19. Kontenberita.com
20. Lingkarin.com

21. Kontennews.com
22. Halloup.com
23. Haiindonesia.com
24. Indonesiaoke.com
25. Helloidn.com

II. Info Ekbis Media Network (IEMN)

Info Ekbis Media Network (IEMN) is a economic and business media network, consisting of:

1. Infoekbis.com
2. Businesstoday.id
3. Infoekonomi.com
4. Bisnisnews.com
5. Infofinansial.com

6. Bisnispost.com
7. Infoemiten.com
8. Ekonominews.com
9. Infobumn.com
10. Kongsinews.com

11. Infoesdm.com
12. Mediaemiten.com
13. Infokumkm.com
14. Infotelko.com
15. Infomaritim.com

16. Ekbisindonesia.com

III. Entertainment News Network (EMN)

Entertainment News Network (EMN) is a entertainment media network, consisting of:

1. Femme.id
2. Aktuil.com
3. Hallonesia.com
4. Bintangnews.com
5. Helloseleb.com

IV. Persda Media Network (PMN)

Persda Media Network (PMN) is a regional media network, consisting of:

1. Persda.com
2. Jabarraya.com
3. Hallojabar.com
4. Apakabarbogor.com
5. Bogorterkini.com

6. Yogyaraya.com
7. Hallokaltim.com
8. Kalimantanraya.com
9. Sulawesiraya.com
10. Malukuraya.com

11. Nusraraya.com
12. Haijateng.com
13. Harianbogor.com
14. Hallobandung.com
15. Hellodepok.com

16. Hallotangsel.com
17. Heijakarta.com
18. Haibanten.com
19. Jatengraya.com
20. Jatimraya.com

21. Hellobekasi.com

* Update per 25 Juli 2023.***